Definition of dysaesthesia in English:


(US dysesthesia)

noundysaesthesiae, dysaesthesias

  • An abnormal unpleasant sensation felt when touched, caused by damage to peripheral nerves.

    • ‘Painful dysesthesia may be managed by tricyclic antidepressant and anticonvulsant medications.’
    • ‘Patients often complain of subjective swelling of hands and feet, as well as paresthesia and dysesthesia of hands and feet.’
    • ‘Approximately 7 to 15 percent of patients have permanent neurologic sequelae including bilateral footdrop, intrinsic hand muscle wasting, sensory ataxia, and dysesthesia.’
    • ‘Both pyrethroids caused cutaneous dysesthesia that was inhibited by topical vitamin E acetate.’
    • ‘More specifically, this laser has achieved what Dr. Alster called ‘striking improvements ‘in areas including scar erythema and dysesthesia.’’


Early 18th century modern Latin, from Greek dusaisthēsia, from dys- ‘bad’ + aisthēsis ‘sensation’ + -ia.