Definition of dyscalculia in English:



  • Difficulty in performing arithmetical calculations resulting from damage to the brain.

    ‘Irlen Syndrome can be found in combination with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysphasia, or hyperactivity.’
    • ‘An estimated five per cent of children suffer from dyscalculia - a problem just as serious as dyslexia but still hardly recognised, said Prof Brian Butterworth.’
    • ‘Assuming that the word is used in the same way as ‘dyslexia’, I'd deduce that if a person suffers from dyscalculia they could be described as being dyscalculic.’
    • ‘Children who have dyscalculia are rarely identified in mainstream schools.’
    • ‘I really truly believe that I have dyscalculia, which is a learning disability like dyslexia, only with math instead of language.’



/ˌdiskalˈkyo͞olēə/ /ˌdɪskælˈkjuliə/