Definition of dysphasia in English:



mass nounPsychiatry
  • Language disorder marked by deficiency in the generation of speech, and sometimes also in its comprehension, due to brain disease or damage.

    • ‘If the abscess is in the frontal lobes of the brain, it may cause loss of memory and reduced attention span, and dysphasia.’
    • ‘Louise has a variable level of understanding which would appear to be due to a receptive dysphasia.’
    • ‘An evidence base is emerging for the efficacy of a number of speech and language therapy interventions, especially in dysphasia, stammering, laryngectomy, and dysphonia.’
    • ‘Elderly people are often in this position owing to illnesses such as dementia and strokes that cause dysphasia.’
    • ‘We report the oral reading of a biscriptal (Turkish-English) patient who has previously been diagnosed with deep dysphasia in Turkish.’


Late 19th century from Greek dusphatos ‘hard to utter’, from dus- ‘difficult’ + phatos ‘spoken’.