Definition of dysphonia in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Difficulty in speaking due to a physical disorder of the mouth, tongue, throat, or vocal cords.

    • ‘This is a multisystem condition causing complications such as anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, myalgia, dysphonia, and urinary incontinence.’
    • ‘Since our experience with this child, we have established a service for the early evaluation of childhood dysphonia using stroboscopic fibreoptic laryngoscopy.’
    • ‘No study has yet examined the overall effectiveness of voice therapy for dysphonia in terms of either changes in voice quality or changes in psychological distress or laryngoscopic findings.’
    • ‘Voice therapy for dysphonia consists of a series of techniques that aim to correct maladaptive and inappropriate vocal behaviours.’
    • ‘A 42-year-old man was referred to our Pulmonary Clinic for evaluation of a chronic productive cough and dysphonia for the duration of 2 years.’