Definition of dysplasia in English:



mass noun
  • 1Medicine
    The presence of cells of an abnormal type within a tissue, which may signify a stage preceding the development of cancer.

    ‘a procedure to treat cervical dysplasia’
    • ‘A biopsy can also identify rare cases when cells have progressed from dysplasia into cancer.’
    • ‘There was a mild patchy proliferation of duct epithelial cells, but no dysplasia.’
    • ‘Although it is not a foregone conclusion that patients with dysplasia will develop cancer, dysplasia remains the best indicator of cancer risk.’
    • ‘We hope through this audit and by future improvements in screening to meet our target and further reduce the late diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip.’
    • ‘The authors suggest that this phenotype may predispose to the development of fibromuscular dysplasia.’
    1. 1.1The abnormal growth or development of a tissue or organ.
      ‘congenital hip dysplasia’


1930s from dys-‘bad’ + Greek plasis ‘formation’.