Definition of dysplastic in English:



  • Exhibiting dysplasia; containing abnormal cells or showing abnormal development.

    ‘changes in cellular structures are apparent in dysplastic cervical cells’
    ‘of puppies predicted normal by palpation, 15% became dysplastic’
    • ‘These dysplastic adenomas are precancerous. and are classified as villous, tubulovillous, and tubular.’
    • ‘This has led many centres to establish surveillance programmes to identify dysplastic changes or early adenocarcinomas.’
    • ‘Intestinal metaplasia or atrophy were present in only 10% of biopsies from patients with gastritis, and dysplastic glands were not identified.’
    • ‘We found no evidence of malignancy, but dysplastic changes were present in the glandular cells.’
    • ‘The common bile duct and the main pancreatic duct coursing within the tumor showed no dysplastic features.’