Definition of dyspnoeic in English:


(US dyspneic)



See dyspnoea

  • ‘On examination, the patient was mildly dyspneic, with massive ascites, left pleural effusion, left axillary lymphadenopathy and no hepatosplenomegaly.’
  • ‘A quiet chest in a dyspneic or obtunded patient with asthma is a serious event.’
  • ‘This scanner also will allow us to obtain diagnostic scans in patients who are too dyspneic to hold their breath.’
  • ‘Although treatment with bronchodilators was started, his symptoms worsened progressively over the next two weeks, and he became acutely dyspnoeic at rest.’
  • ‘The technique of spiral CT scanning is particularly useful for evaluating dyspneic patients because of its shorter imaging time and higher-resolution images.’