Definition of dysregulation in English:



mass noun
  • Abnormality or impairment in the regulation of a metabolic, physiological, or psychological process.

    ‘family dysfunction may contribute to emotional dysregulation’
    count noun ‘the phenomenon of narcolepsy can be understood in terms of a dysregulation of rapid eye movement sleep’
    • ‘In addition, further studies are needed on the dysregulation noted in the infants.’
    • ‘Experts now recognize that depression is a multifaceted disorder with dysregulation in a number of different systems.’
    • ‘Given Anne's level of distress, a key issue in treatment for this couple was dealing with emotional dysregulation.’
    • ‘Addiction can be viewed as a dysregulation of brain reward systems resulting in compulsive use and loss of control over drug taking.’
    • ‘It offers a child a safe haven from which to explore feelings, behaviors and issues ranging from self-esteem to severe emotional dysregulation.’
    • ‘Serotonin dysregulation has been implicated in the pathogenesis of anxiety disorders in general and panic disorder in particular.’
    • ‘They highlight that glucose dysregulation poses significant challenges - and opportunities - for the comprehensive care of people with schizophrenia.’
    • ‘Postpartum dysregulation of the thyroid gland has been considered as another possible cause of depression.’