Definition of dystrophic in English:



  • 1Medicine
    Affected by or relating to dystrophy, especially muscular dystrophy.

    • ‘Observing the affected knee may reveal dystrophic changes, alteration of skin color, calluses related to kneeling or occupational abuse of the knee, scars, scratches, or rashes.’
    • ‘Another form of dwarfism that was formerly included in the spectrum of achondroplasia is dystrophic dwarfism.’
    • ‘The orifice connecting the right ventricle to the cavity was composed of dystrophic muscular fibers mixed with fatty cells.’
    • ‘The success rate for patients with dystrophic disorders of the hand, however, is low.’
    • ‘I don't know that embryonic stem cell research will do any good for dystrophic patients.’
  • 2Ecology
    (of a lake) having brown acidic water that is low in oxygen and supports little life, owing to high levels of dissolved humus.

    ‘Both ponds are dystrophic, surrounded by extensive mats of Sphagnum, and stratified in summer with anoxic hypolimnia.’
    Compare with eutrophic and oligotrophic


Late 19th century from Greek dus- ‘bad’ + -trophia ‘nourishment’ + -ic.



/dɪsˈtrəʊfɪk/ /dɪsˈtrɒfɪk/