Definition of dystrophin in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • A protein found in skeletal muscle, which is absent in sufferers from muscular dystrophy.

    count noun ‘comparison of these regions and the dystrophins’
    • ‘Muscle-generating stem cells can improve muscle regeneration and deliver the missing protein dystrophin to damaged muscles in a mouse muscular dystrophy model, according to a recent study.’
    • ‘However, in vitro studies have failed to detect any bundling of actin by either intact dystrophin or Dys - 246.’
    • ‘The hallmark of muscular dystrophy is that muscle cells die due to a lack of the muscle protein dystrophin.’
    • ‘Our results suggest that the different binding modes of dystrophin may be regulated more by the structural state of the actin filament than by the isoform involved.’
    • ‘It too is caused by insufficient production of dystrophin.’