Definition of dzo in English:


(also dzho, zho)

Pronunciation /ʒəʊ/ /zəʊ/

noundzo, dzos

  • A hybrid of a cow and a yak.

    • ‘Each family owns some goats, cows and dzos (yak-cow).’
    • ‘Draft animals, especially the ubiquitous dzo, a cross between a yak and a cow, play a central part in the farming economy.’
    • ‘They could milk and herd the dzo, the cross between a yak and a cow, that meets most of Ladakh's dairy needs.’
    • ‘They have two acres each and a dzo and they don't want to change.’


Mid 19th century from Tibetan ṃdso.



/ʒəʊ/ /zəʊ/