Definition of e-bike in English:



  • A bicycle that can be run on electric power as well as by pedaling.

    ‘I loved my e-bike because it made hills easy’
    • ‘Now this e-bike has a lot of the same gadgets you'd expect to find on any bicycle.’
    • ‘The e-bike has been much slower to catch on in Europe and America, even though it is has zero emissions, is whisper-quiet and can deliver a commuter to his desk in London or Barcelona without the need for a shower and a change of clothes.’
    • ‘There are now signs that the e-bike is about to make a breakthrough in Europe, starting predictably perhaps among the cycle-loving citizens of Holland.’
    • ‘It is introducing a carbon e-bike to the UK at this week's Cycle 2009 Show at Earls Court, which starts today.’
    • ‘If the age of e-bikes has indeed arrived, the company may be off to the races again.’
    • ‘With these e-bikes, an electric motor starts when it senses you pedalling too hard, usually on starts and going up hills, stopping when you're done straining.’
    • ‘E-bikes have been thriving on the Continent, but their potential has yet to be fulfilled in the UK.’
    • ‘Over 30 companies have so far signed up to the ETRA organised Eurobike meet, organised with the intention to discuss legislation changes relating to e-bikes.’
    • ‘E-bikes cost less than 2 p to recharge the equivalent of 1,000 mpg.’
    • ‘E-bikes are even more popular on mainland Europe.’
    • ‘E-bikes are legally classified as bicycles, provided they have motors of 250 watts or less, and a top assisted speed not exceeding 15 mph.’
    • ‘"In 2000 and 2001 we were visiting dealers and introducing the concept of e-bikes."’
    • ‘Dutch cyclists brought 120,000 e-bikes last year, with sales predicted to more than double to 300,000 - or a quarter of all new bike sales - in 2009-10.’
    • ‘This year's hottest trend on two wheels: electric bikes, or e-bikes.’
    • ‘E-bikes certainly aren't new, but where before they were something of an expensive curiosity, versions have now been designed for most consumers, from kids to parents, racers to hobbyists.’
    • ‘"In Germany, in 2008, 100,000 e-bikes were sold, but I believe that sales will quadruple within the next three years."’
    • ‘Consequently, there is a wealth of e-bikes available for cycle retailers who are looking to get involved in the sector.’