Definition of e-billing in English:



  • The practice by which invoices or bills are electronically delivered or presented to customers, rather than being sent by mail.

    ‘In the first seven weeks of offering an e-billing option, the company collected $425,000.’
    • ‘On Thursday, the department launches e-billing for the private mobile phone operator, Bharati.’
    • ‘Customers want the efficiency of e-billing, according to a Yankee Group study completed in April by senior analyst Ryan Jones.’
    • ‘In a sense, it is not really e-billing.’
    • ‘He is familiar with customer self-service and e-billing considerations.’
    • ‘Avid Greenfield, e-billing analyst for Doculabs, says about one-third of all organizations deploying e-billing solutions switch vendors during the rollout.’
    • ‘And Everman is hoping that e-billing will actually turn into a moneymaking proposition as customers visit their local cable website to pay their bills.’
    • ‘Some 25 % of the system's customers subscribe to RoadRunner, and Everman says about 7 % of those customers have opted for e-billing.’



/ˈēˌbiliNG/ /ˈiˌbɪlɪŋ/