Definition of E-boat in English:



  • A German torpedo boat used in the Second World War.

    • ‘Here they ran into five German E-boats of the 5th Torpedo Boat Flotilla based at Cherbourg.’
    • ‘As the exhausted and injured men slept below decks the ship was struck amidships by a torpedo from a German E-boat and she broke in two, sinking in just 15 seconds.’
    • ‘They have coastal batteries and minefields; they have bombers and E-boats and submarines.’
    • ‘Two German destroyers and two E-boats had passed less than a mile from his boats.’
    • ‘A cluster of German E-boats, similar to American PT boats, happened upon Convoy T - 4 while on patrol from Cherbourg, France.’
    • ‘Between them the Captains destroyed possibly as many as 38 German submarines, three midget submarines and more than 30 E-boats - a score which surpassed any other class.’
    • ‘About 600 German and Italian aircraft lay in wait for them, with submarines, E-boats, cruisers and destroyers.’
    • ‘That night some German E-boats got into the formation and sank two ships and killed between 700 and 800 men.’
    • ‘Opening in early 1944, the drama includes a reconstruction of Operation Tiger, a trial-run exercise that resulted in a flotilla of young American soldiers being attacked by German E-boats, and shows the tragic setbacks that occurred.’
    • ‘One exercise was started there on 27 April 1944 and an inadequately escorted convoy, bringing a second wave of troops to the beach, was attacked overnight by nine German E-boats.’
    • ‘The German 5th Flotilla of E-boats, based at Le Havre, was a crack outfit.’
    • ‘None too soon, from 1910, the flotilla was joined by diesel-driven D-boats, with safe and economical oil fuel, external ballast tanks and more internal space, and in 1913 came the first of 56 versatile 800-ton E-boats.’
    • ‘As a member of the Coastal Forces, the young Mr Walsh manned motor torpedo boats and motor launches, sent out to intercept the Reich's E-boats as they attacked British convoys in the English Channel.’
    • ‘The vessel was strafed by a daring German E-boat while undergoing training and never got to drop GIs on the beaches at Normandy.’
    • ‘After surviving three days of relentless air attacks, a fast-moving Italian E-boat torpedoed the cruiser at night, hitting the aft engine.’


From E- for enemy+ boat.