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  • A digital version of a greeting card, typically accessed by the recipient via a hyperlink in an email.

    ‘the next day she sent him an animated e-card that told him how special he was to her’
    • ‘I've brought back last year's successful Valentine's Day e-card.’
    • ‘I guess I'll have to send her an e-card.’
    • ‘You can even select your favourite quotation from the work to send to a friend in an e-card.’
    • ‘The virtual ambassadors are currently featured in the University's Christmas e-card which involves an animated snowball fight.’
    • ‘You'll also be able to send an e-card of your favourite sitcom to a friend.’
    • ‘I got a nice e-card this morning from my secret pal … a cheery daisy to brighten up my day.’
    • ‘You can also find out how to e-mail him, send him an e-card, that kind of thing.’
    • ‘Could be a sweet e-card from that boy at camp.’
    • ‘Well if you have, and your dad's got Internet access, send him an e-card and get yourself out of hot water.’
    • ‘There are readymade cards on several websites, but the greatest satisfaction seems to come from sending a personally designed e-card.’
    • ‘Then I checked my email and found a cheery e-card waiting in my inbox from the guy I'd gone to dinner with.’
    • ‘I got an e-card from a secret admirer, who thinks I'm cute!’
    • ‘But don't try to get me to make some statement about it in the form of an e-card or something.’
    • ‘Your mother, meanwhile, in all her infinite newfound Web wisdom, sends you a goofy e-card.’
    • ‘The phoney e-card is the latest scam in the eternal battle for online traffic, playing cynically on people's goodwill to bombard them with adverts or promote dubious websites.’
    • ‘Again, before you can view your e-card on its website, you must agree to a "Security Warning and Licence Agreement".’
    • ‘When this e-card is sent, the original $1 donation will be doubled!’
    • ‘If an e-card captures people's imagination, within seconds they will forward it and so the message goes on around the world.’
    • ‘Please people send me a e-card or get me a present or both, thanks.’
    • ‘So that's why I'm boycotting greeting cards: this year, Wayne will be getting an e-card of a dancing monkey.’



/ˈēkärd/ /ˈikɑrd/