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  • Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet.

    ‘With the growth of e-commerce and the internet this has become a problem.’
    • ‘The system will give customers access to email, banking and e-commerce.’
    • ‘It will even give you the option of buying the CD via a standard mobile e-commerce transaction.’
    • ‘Almost half of those who accessed the Net used it for some type of e-commerce transaction.’
    • ‘So how great a risk does the attack present to e-commerce transactions?’
    • ‘Another boost is the need for secure access and identification in e-commerce.’
    • ‘This means that it includes e-commerce and other capabilities that you would not normally expect from a portal product.’
    • ‘Why have human factors seemingly taken a back seat in the design of e-commerce web sites?’
    • ‘As interest in e-commerce grows, so does the need for additional infrastructure.’
    • ‘Amazon had figured out how to do e-commerce much better than just about anyone else out there.’
    • ‘The product enables users to expand their market with automated e-commerce.’
    • ‘However, there really is an internet to get, and it has nothing to do with e-commerce.’
    • ‘A breakdown of the value of e-commerce in the UK will be published later this month, the government said.’
    • ‘More than a quarter of those surveyed blamed wasteful spending on e-commerce.’
    • ‘As such, the concern is escalated compared to the level of privacy concern for e-commerce.’
    • ‘Those who thought that e-commerce would triumph had both too much and too little faith in markets.’
    • ‘There are a ton of scam e-commerce sites online, but what can you do if you find one?’
    • ‘The government's e-commerce Bill has made it through Parliament and is waiting for Royal Ascent.’
    • ‘The next revolution was not in e-commerce but in making what we want to do, and do, easier, he said.’
    • ‘If you run a business highly dependent on e-commerce then too bad, you're out of business.’



/ˈēˌkämərs/ /ˈiˌkɑmərs/