Definition of e-crime in English:



  • another term for cybercrime

    ‘the survey found that fewer than a quarter of companies even reported e-crime to the police’
    another term for cybercrime
    • ‘A good starting point would be developing a globally harmonized framework of legislation against e-crime.’
    • ‘We have a look at the latest techniques being used to stop e-crime.’
    • ‘The government is shortly due to publish its Framework Strategy for e-crime.’
    • ‘The Business Watch packs will also contain practical advice for small businesses to fight e-crime.’
    • ‘He said the peers were right to criticise the Government's "laissez faire" attitude to tackling e-crime.’
    • ‘Influential figures in the British computer industry added their voices to the growing chorus of concern over the failure to prevent or detect e-crime.’
    • ‘The last thing we need to do is to extend it to e-crime generally.’
    • ‘However, there are things we can do as a nation to disrupt e-crime.’
    • ‘Establish a centralised and automated system, administered by law enforcement, for the reporting of e-crime.’
    • ‘We have a look at the latest techniques and new laws being used to stop e-crime.’
    • ‘More such problems can be expected in the future, but e-crime is not high up the political agenda, according to White.’
    • ‘Up until last year, any business suffering from e-crime could report directly to the National High-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU).’
    • ‘Today, e-crime is becoming such a widespread occurrence that it won't be stopped without decisive, global action.’
    • ‘If e-crime continues its rise, consumer confidence will be eroded, possibly leading to popular abandonment of the internet and e-commerce.’
    • ‘There are disturbing signs that traditional British organised crime is waking up to the profits and uses of e-crime.’
    • ‘We don't know quite how bad things have become today—there are no reliable figures for e-crime.’
    • ‘People are said to fear e-crime more than mugging.’
    • ‘"We need a better understanding of e-crime in police stations."’
    • ‘"There has to be an official framework under which people who have suffered from e-crime can report it."’
    • ‘She found they not only lacked any enthusiasm to pursue her case, but were also unaware of key pieces of legislation that relate to e-crime.’