Definition of e-fit in English:



Trademark; British
  • An electronic picture of the face of a person being sought by the police, created by a computer program from composite photographs of facial features.

    • ‘The system, which works with all races and genders, can identify suspects from images such as video, CCTV, photographs, artists' composite drawing and police e-fits.’
    • ‘The attacks sparked an intense police hunt, which included the use of more than 100 wanted posters featuring an e-fit compiled from descriptions given by victims.’
    • ‘Posters featuring an e-fit of the man were put up in shops and businesses across Bolton town centre and Farnworth.’
    • ‘The girl later helped police create an e-fit image of the man.’
    • ‘The victim, who has not been named, was able to give enough of a description for officers to create an e-fit image of his attacker.’
    • ‘A poster has been printed showing an e-fit picture of the wanted man and giving details of two of the crimes being investigated.’
    • ‘Horrocks gave himself up to police after his family recognised him from an e-fit image the girls had given detectives.’
    • ‘Bradford North police last night issued an e-fit photograph of the attacker, who is described as Asian, aged about 40, with brushed back black hair flecked with grey.’
    • ‘Police are today anticipating a flood of calls after releasing the first e-fit pictures of a man they believe could be responsible for a string of rapes in the 1980s.’
    • ‘South Yorkshire police said they had been inundated with calls after taking the unusual step of releasing an e-fit picture of a vital witness who they want to trace.’
    • ‘Police have issued an e-fit picture of the driver they want to trace in connection with the attack in the early hours of Saturday, June 19.’
    • ‘Police have collated information from all the victims and are now hoping to release an e-fit picture of the man responsible for the attacks next week.’
    • ‘The e-fit photograph was released in a bid to find witnesses to the incident in Middleton last Wednesday.’
    • ‘Police have released the e-fit picture of one of the duo they believe kidnapped the chef before dumping him in a field.’
    • ‘Several e-fits have been prepared, based on information given by some of the elderly victims.’
    • ‘With the advent of picture messaging police will be able to transmit the photograph of a missing child or an e-fit of a dangerous criminal to thousands of mobile phones in the area.’
    • ‘Police are appealing for witnesses and have released an e-fit of the man and a photograph of a vehicle similar to the one driven by the woman.’
    • ‘An e-fit of the suspect, created by police with the help of the elderly victim, has been displayed in shops and businesses across York and North Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Detectives made a number of appeals for information about the offender and released an e-fit of his face, created with help from his victim.’
    • ‘These will be handed over to the Police Technical Support Team in Braintree today and any e-fits of the people involved could be released within two days.’


1980s from e- and fit (noun), on the pattern of photofit.