Definition of e-ink in English:



mass nounTrademark
  • A type of electronic display for text that is intended to imitate the appearance of printed ink, typically used in e-readers.

    ‘like other devices employing e-ink, it only uses power when the pages are turned’
    as modifier ‘e-ink screens strain your eyes less if you read for extended periods’
    • ‘The paper uses a mix of technologies (including e-ink) to embed digital information in each sheet.’
    • ‘We demonstrated the E-Ink display's persistence by completely disconnecting the screen from the battery.’
    • ‘While the watch has analog hour and minute hands, the face is an E-Ink display.’
    • ‘E-Ink drives the displays (for simple reading and power efficiency) and a stethoscope earpiece can issue vocal commands clearly.’
    • ‘It is the e-ink screen that makes all the difference, it's about the same as reading a real book.’
    • ‘Ink on paper will become a smaller part of National Geographic; it will be available online, on e-ink, with and without video, on-demand, and delivered.’
    • ‘If you believe there's a future for a dedicated device that exists solely to display books, then E-Ink and similar tech makes sense.’