Definition of e-security in English:



another term for cybersecurity
  • ‘First, inadequate e-security leaves us vulnerable to financial loss.’
  • ‘There is a fourth consequence of inadequate e-security: trust and public confidence.’
  • ‘It's not enough to worry only about your company's e-security.’
  • ‘Tattan has also been promoting the company internationally and has addressed high-profile gatherings on e-payments and e-security.’
  • ‘Spitzner said companies needed to count e-security as an essential business cost.’
  • ‘Leading national and international experts in e-security will also be presenting their views at this two-day event, which will include plenary and break-out sessions.’
  • ‘The first day will focus on the management and awareness of e-security, the legal and regulatory framework, the firewall evolution and the management of identity.’
  • ‘When we turn our minds to matters of e-security, our first thoughts tend to be about defenses such as firewalls and intrusion detection.’
  • ‘The human factor will always be present in e-security.’
  • ‘For a long time, privacy and other forms of e-security have taken a back seat to other pressing business issues.’
  • ‘"It is vital that companies take the opportunity to educate themselves about e-security."’
  • ‘Keenan says more courses and debate about e-security will take place in the future at the U of C.’
  • ‘"They will tell us where our soft spots are - where government and industry websites are most vulnerable, thus helping us strengthen our e-security," he said.’
  • ‘The portal provides an invaluable resource for Australians to learn more about e-security, so they are not deterred from internet use by security concerns.’
  • ‘The issues discussed at the forum were all related to e-commerce, e-banking, e-security and e-solutions.’
  • ‘Spending on e-security is set to soar in Europe during 2005, according to a report by HP, which said that 37 percent cited spam and viruses as their biggest concern.’
  • ‘Specifically the outsourcing of e-security raises a series of management issues in the selection, implementation and evaluation of available solutions.’
  • ‘More broadly, the growth of electronic commerce has increased business awareness of the need to respond to e-security and other related issues in outsourcing environments, which are often dispersed.’
  • ‘The law firm has seen a massive increase of interest in the area of e-security in the past year.’