Definition of e-sport in English:



  • A multiplayer video game played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers.

    ‘millions of people enjoy watching e-sports’
    • ‘it's the most popular PC game and currently the most popular e-sport’
    • ‘the largest e-sports tournament in the world finished yesterday in Seattle’
    • ‘I dare you to compare top e-sport athletes' training regimens to top Olympic athletes' training regimens.’
    • ‘It completely defeats the reason a person would choose an e-sport over a real sport.’
    • ‘Actually this is a good sign as we now see e-sport going mainstream.’
    • ‘But this is gonna change, and I am sure we will see more and more professional e-sport in the future.’
    • ‘If the game was any good it would be intuitive to pick up and play but complex enough to be an e-sport.’
    • ‘From Starcraft to League of Legends, the e-sports market has gone through a massive expansion over the last decade in a half.’
    • ‘Streaming has revolutionised how people watch e-sports.’
    • ‘Whilst too impenetrable to entice non-savvy spectators, there's no doubting the game's quality as an e-sport.’
    • ‘Having the most popular e-sport title is a huge marketing advantage.’
    • ‘You can even bet on e-sports matches these days to make watching them a little more interesting.’
    • ‘Some of these pros are amazingly talented, and e-sports IS becoming a "real" spectator-worthy pursuit.’