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  • A retailer selling goods via electronic transactions on the internet.

    ‘This easy way to avoid sales tax is one reason for the enormous popularity of mail order in the US and it means that US Internet e-tailers are used to not collecting sales tax too often.’
    • ‘When the Seattle-based e-tailer, which sells IT kit including software, printers and computer components, realised what had happened it cancelled the orders.’
    • ‘Another indication that this is the case comes from the terms that credit card companies give e-tailers.’
    • ‘Recent online pricing mistakes by well-known companies have highlighted a number of problems facing e-tailers and all those who conduct business on the Internet.’
    • ‘A new e-commerce law protects UK ISPs and e-tailers from actions over content held on or passing through their networks.’
    • ‘This suggests that e-tailers who provide relationship-enhancing services will be viewed more positively.’
    • ‘In a survey of the top 25 online shopping sites in the UK, consultancy Plaut found that just 15 per cent of e-tailers had a level of customers service equivalent to that expected on the high street.’
    • ‘Second, the number and variety of retailers, including e-tailers, that wanted to stock the company's styles had grown significantly.’
    • ‘The FBI has warned e-tailers to guard against hackers.’
    • ‘Some EMI partners sell directly to listeners, other to e-tailers who will themselves target consumers.’
    • ‘The e-tailer informed its affiliates of the move in an email today - leaving them with around a week's notice, and over the Christmas period.’
    • ‘He refused to comment on speculation that his e-tailer is looking at buying a US online toy seller.’
    • ‘More surfers are already shopping online - in August 75 per cent of Net users visited e-tailers, already higher than last year's peak month of December.’
    • ‘In the end, Rubin predicts the multichannel e-tailers or retailers will win out, by existing everywhere the consumer wants them to be.’
    • ‘We'll look at what that means for retailers and e-tailers.’
    • ‘As the school year approaches, the textbook retailers and e-tailers will continue to spar in an attempt to separate the boys from the men.’
    • ‘They say very few e-tailers are getting it right.’
    • ‘Comparing an e-tailer like with a retail bookseller shows far less energy use per book sold, in fact a 16 to 1 difference.’
    • ‘‘However, we do remain vulnerable in all our markets to acts of terrorism,’ the e-tailer warned.’
    • ‘The e-tailer sold 1.4 million copies of the new Harry Potter book in June, and free shipping fired up sales.’



/ˈēˌtālər/ /ˈiˌteɪlər/


1990s blend of e- and retailer.