Definition of e-waste in English:



mass noun
  • Discarded electronic appliances such as mobile phones, computers, and televisions.

    • ‘China, for example, has become a cache for vast amounts of e-waste.’
    • ‘Beckles highlighted the issue yesterday during the opening ceremony of a two-day symposium on e-waste at Crowne Plaza, Port-of-Spain.’
    • ‘Without doubt the disposal of e-waste poses a difficult problem.’
    • ‘Europe is leading the way in reducing "e-waste" with all computer manufacturers required to have recycling programs in place by 2003.’
    • ‘The recycling of e-waste can thus provide business opportunities for the enterprising.’
    • ‘They see e-waste getting plugged into municipal waste collection procedures.’
    • ‘Ravindra said most of the IT companies were not fully aware of the implications of unscientific disposal of e-waste.’
    • ‘Gattuso also points out the lack of scientific evidence that e-waste in landfills presents health risks.’
    • ‘What really counts is not the funds and technology to dispose of e-waste but the collecting network.’
    • ‘Reports say young children are employed to smash up computers and water supplies are polluted by ' e-waste '.’
    • ‘No doubt as a metropolis and the largest economic centre in China, Shanghai will inevitably produce a huge amount of such e-waste.’
    • ‘Using current deposit recycling programs as a model, there's an effort afoot to have manufacturers take responsibility for e-waste.’
    • ‘The e-waste generated annually worldwide is thought to be in the 20-50 million-ton range.’
    • ‘Environment Canada reports that our electronic waste - known as e-waste and including things like VCRs and stereos - totalled 157,000 tonnes in 2002.’
    • ‘If you're part of the 20 % trying to do the right thing by recycling your e-waste, there's something else to worry about.’
    • ‘Some old equipment gets passed on to worthy causes, some is stored, but the majority of "e-waste" ends up in the landfill.’
    • ‘Approximately 55 million computers will be retired this year alone, making up the majority of the 3 million tons of e-waste that annually ends up in landfills.’
    • ‘It goes without saying that it is the developed countries that generate the bulk of the e-waste.’
    • ‘Even as India heads for an e-waste crisis, most of the global electronic brands have no functioning e-waste takeback services in India.’
    • ‘Duncan says it is important that consumers of computers and other potential e-waste think ahead when they buy.’