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  • 1Used to emphasize a strong desire to do or have something.

    ‘original illustrations are eagerly sought by collectors’
    • ‘To be sure, most Asians, whatever their creed, eagerly embrace modernity.’
    • ‘He suggested a drink, and I nodded eagerly, for I was thirsty.’
    • ‘I felt slightly like a puppy who had followed him home, eagerly performing the tricks he asked of me.’
    • ‘Beaten, Buck calms down and eagerly eats food from the man's hand.’
    • ‘She forgot the question at once and eagerly agreed.’
    • ‘To a capacity crowd, they slip easily and eagerly into the role of warm-up band with a more than healthy gusto.’
    • ‘If both parents are working, help is most often eagerly accepted - if not actively sought.’
    • ‘They will eagerly, and often impulsively, engage in social interactions, even with strangers.’
    • ‘The first half was eagerly and evenly contested with the best chance for Ardattin coming when Curry's shot clipped the crossbar.’
    • ‘Member states have pursued their domestic interests too eagerly and threatened to disrupt a trade agreement.’
    1. 1.1In a keenly expectant or interested manner.
      ‘fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the new season’
      • ‘His entry into the 2004 Presidential campaign has been eagerly anticipated.’
      • ‘At the bookstore, the hall was packed with children eagerly waiting to learn to spin a yarn.’
      • ‘At the Olympic stadium north of the city centre, thousands of fans gaze eagerly down at the starting blocks.’
      • ‘Members are also eagerly looking forward to next month's short break.’
      • ‘I got a fair discount off the recommended price, so I took it home and eagerly unwrapped the box.’
      • ‘She is also eagerly looking forward to returning home later this month.’
      • ‘Instead, he waited eagerly, anxiously, praying and hoping for his son's return.’
      • ‘Peering eagerly, I looked in the cradle to see my sister.’
      • ‘As the crowd stared eagerly at her sultry form, waiting for her to burst into song, she pondered her career choice.’
      • ‘It seems very sad that some people see this as entertainment, watching eagerly for the next instalment.’



/ˈēɡərlē/ /ˈiɡərli/