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  • Quick to notice things; observant.

    ‘an eagle-eyed reader spotted the error in last week's column’
    • ‘For unless you are vigilant and eagle-eyed, you may not spot a fake note at the right time.’
    • ‘Is anyone really eagle-eyed enough to worry about the timetable of a fictitious Tube station?’
    • ‘The crooks were spotted by an eagle-eyed CCTV operator and arrested by a police patrol which was quickly on the scene.’
    • ‘A cashpoint plot to steal customers' bank details and plunder their accounts was foiled by an eagle-eyed customer.’
    • ‘She was a prolific writer, eagle-eyed editor, accomplished photographer and talented designer.’
    • ‘But eagle-eyed viewers have already noticed more than 40 mistakes in the smash hit movie.’
    • ‘Sometimes the enemies are completely stupid and other times they are eagle-eyed.’
    • ‘All this is important because pilots are expected to be eagle-eyed and sit in a cockpit which is as big as a soap-box.’
    • ‘The goal was ruled out by the flag of an eagle-eyed assistant referee, much to Morecambe's relief.’
    • ‘But more eagle-eyed observers may have spotted a thin, bright yellow band which Prince William has taken to wearing on his right wrist.’



/ˌēɡəlˈīd/ /ˌiɡəlˈaɪd/