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  • Extremely loud.

    ‘an ear-splitting crack of thunder’
    • ‘The other boys piled in and they drove off, playing their loud, ear-splitting music and leaving trails of smoke behind.’
    • ‘Suddenly, a loud, ear-splitting song came on causing the two friends to groan.’
    • ‘Coran walked into the gym and immediately heard the ear-splitting volume of the loud, fast music.’
    • ‘The hand that still held the gun flew out in front of him and a loud, ear-splitting bang filled the room.’
    • ‘I let out a fiendish, ear-splitting yell, finally cracking.’
    • ‘They waited in silence before an ear-splitting crack broke it.’
    • ‘Another flash of lightning raced through the sky, and an ear-splitting crack accompanied it seconds later.’
    • ‘She whamed right into the hard marble wall with an ear-splitting crack.’
    • ‘The monster shrieked an ear-splitting scream and stepped through the flames, reaching for Quen with its taloned paw.’
    • ‘The noise outside had risen to a deafening, ear-splitting crescendo.’
    • ‘An ear-splitting crash resounded through the room as the glass shattered and flew everywhere.’
    • ‘Outside, an ear-splitting crash of thunder rocked the sky, echoing the visual blast of lightning.’
    • ‘The destruction of America's oldest space shuttle was heralded by an ear-splitting series of booms that rattled houses across the area.’
    • ‘He smiled, raised his trunk, and emitted an ear-splitting trumpeting.’
    • ‘When a call comes in huge siren horns mounted on poles around town go off with an ear-splitting, undulating scream.’
    • ‘Every window in the front half of the house shakes violently with the bass beat, as the music at ear-splitting volume fills the night air.’
    • ‘Indeed, a low whistle began to sound from the top of the kettle and within a minute it became a high-pitched, ear-splitting shriek.’
    • ‘He was screaming in high shrills, each an ear-splitting cry.’
    • ‘Kira chose that moment to let out an ear-splitting screech.’
    • ‘An impossibly high, ear-splitting sound emitted from the speakers, shattering almost all the windows in the stadium.’
    very great, huge, enormous, immense, colossal, massive, prodigious, stupendous, tremendous, monumental, mammoth, vast, gigantic, giant, mighty, Herculean, epic, monstrous, titanic, towering, king-sized, king-size



/ˈi(ə)rˌsplidiNG/ /ˈɪ(ə)rˌsplɪdɪŋ/