Definition of ear trumpet in English:

ear trumpet


  • A trumpet-shaped device formerly used as a hearing aid.

    • ‘An ear trumpet could make him a good stocking-filler, to help him with the tricky art of listening.’
    • ‘So we just put him over there with a large ear trumpet so he can still take part.’
    • ‘Insects fascinated White, he even went as far as trying to see if bees could hear by shouting down a large ear trumpet next to the hives.’
    • ‘The pictured pseudophone is composed of two ear trumpets crafted from hearing aids.’
    • ‘Electronic hearing aids are active, but their predecessors, ear trumpets, were passive.’
    • ‘Apparently ear trumpets would overcome the aural impediments, but even Edinburgh seems to have given up the ghost in these fine, if slightly old-fashioned, instruments.’


ear trumpet