Definition of ear tuft in English:

ear tuft

Pronunciation /i(ə)r təft/ /ɪ(ə)r təft/


  • Each of a pair of tufts of longer feathers on the top of the head of some owls. They are unconnected with the true ears.

    ‘Most every residential street with mature deciduous trees is sure to have a pair of these medium-sized owls with ear tufts (not always visible) and yellow eyes.’
    • ‘Many species have ear tufts that have been suggested to have behavioral functions; they do not function in sound acquisition.’
    • ‘We analyzed the basic shapes of the owl's body beginning with a circle for a head and an oval for the body, adding additional shapes for the facial discs, eyes, beak and ear tufts.’
    • ‘This owl had distinctive ear tufts and great markings.’