Definition of earbud in English:



usually earbuds
  • A very small headphone, worn inside the ear.

    • ‘I was reading some article the other day about how ‘cool’ people are using regular headphones on the iPods, instead of the white earbuds that come with it.’
    • ‘Due to the poor quality of typical PDA microphones and the availability of hands-free earbuds and microphones, this is not a real issue.’
    • ‘Corked off from reality by your earbuds and with the potential to carry a record store's worth of music, it's no surprise that you start getting less picky.’
    • ‘These pricey earbuds are the consumer version of pro models used by bands to let them hear their music on an arena's stage.’
    • ‘For me, the choice was easy, since I prefer my Sony behind-the-neck headphones, for comfort, convenience, and sound - I've never liked earbuds for a variety of reasons.’
    • ‘If you entertain friends who wear earbuds and you want to share their music with others at your party, there is more tech stuff you should consider.’
    • ‘She doesn't mind if I'm working on the laptop but she doesn't like it when I put in my earbuds because I'm not ‘paying attention.’’
    • ‘I'm guessing that many of those people would be more likely to check out a few artists on a listening station if they could simply pull out their own earbuds and plug them in.’
    • ‘The new water-resistant radio is also ‘hands-free’ with earbuds and voice activation.’
    • ‘I'm not a fan of the supplied iPod earbuds, but there are lots of alternatives available.’
    • ‘But the most practical option seems to be to screw your earbuds in tighter and turn up the volume on your personal sound track.’
    • ‘When budgeting for an MP3 player, plan to buy a set of third-party earbuds for the most comfort and the best sound.’
    • ‘Don't take these as just an expensive replacement for the cheap earbuds that come with most portable audio players today.’
    • ‘I cringed and looked slightly guilty as I took the earbuds out of my ears.’
    • ‘There's a built-in speaker, or you can listen using the bundled earbuds.’
    • ‘If you want to use the device as a phone you must use an earbud and microphone, and you get about 1 hour of talk-time.’
    • ‘Don't forget to buy a travel adapter and a hands-free earbud while you're at it.’
    • ‘Use the included earbud / speaker wire for phone calls, or add the Palm flip cover with embedded phone components for more compact handling.’
    • ‘Ok, maybe I stumbled once or twice, maybe an earbud fell out of my ear, but I burnt - I believe - around 200 calories. 200 calories!’
    • ‘I didn't see any good shots of his ear canal, so he could have pretty easily had a small, wireless earbud receiver in there.’