Definition of early on in English:

early on


  • At an initial stage in a particular time or period.

    ‘they discovered early on that the published data were wrong’
    • ‘It was then that he remembered her as the girl who had asked Nick a question earlier on at the main stage.’
    • ‘Craig ran with his brother Mark early on before pressing on to try to get into the medal places.’
    • ‘For better or for worse, they discovered their unique sound early on and have stuck with it.’
    • ‘As I said to you earlier on, this is the next stage the Met has to go through.’
    • ‘We had something go bad with our tires early on, but once we changed them, we took off and had a great race car.’
    • ‘Once Limerick had made the game safe early on they eased off to play at their own pace.’
    • ‘I believe that the problem had occurred much earlier on by the water at the crystallisation stage.’
    • ‘They always look for children with specific talents and they have a system to select them early on.’
    • ‘If the problem can be detected early on, then there is a good chance it can be successfully treated.’
    • ‘The wind also played a major factor in the first half with Leigh and their kicks benefiting early on.’
    • ‘Ideally, I'd like to get some fast laps in early on and try to put distance between us and the pack.’
    • ‘If Mayo fail to hang on to their tails early on, the end result could be messy.’
    • ‘Mayo have plenty of talent, and they prepared as best they could, but were swamped early on.’
    • ‘Cynthia, even early on, appears by her own account to have been a bit of a doormat.’
    • ‘I'm one of them people who drinks until they fall over, and I fall over pretty early on.’
    • ‘He played bass in a punk rock band early on, but he was also into disco, funk and hip hop.’
    • ‘Won't some kids be stuck with a label very early on, when actually they might well change?’
    • ‘They took the lead early on and had a nine point advantage at the end of the first quarter.’
    • ‘The aim is to offer help early on so that problems can be solved rather than turning into bigger issues.’
    • ‘You can speed up the financial recovery process by reviewing your situation early on.’