Definition of early warning system in English:

early warning system


  • 1A network of radar stations established at the boundary of a defended region to provide advanced warning of an aircraft or missile attack.

    ‘To protect the United States, the Corps erected extensive radar early warning systems across northern Canada.’
    • ‘Naturally, to enable this function, they also would require the requisite command authority over missile and early warning systems.’
    • ‘Perhaps these ships could also act as early warning systems for incoming missiles from God knows where next.’
    • ‘RAF Fylingdales, which boasts a £160m state-of-the-art radar system, is a joint Ministry of Defence and US military ballistic missile early warning system.’
    • ‘The Department of Defense supported the development of the IBM 7090 for use in a ballistic missile early warning system.’
    • ‘This is a proposed early warning system which would spot missiles launched against the U.S.’
    • ‘The militarists believe that airborne early warning systems and antiballistic missiles would be pivotal to preventing or withstanding a nuclear attack.’
    • ‘The country's defensive weapons must be fully integrated in a command, control and early warning system.’
    • ‘He started out as a defence contractor and still deals with the atomic weapons site at Aldermaston and the missile early warning system at Fylingdales.’
    • ‘Deteriorating command and control networks and early warning systems combined could cause leaders to feel dangerous escalatory pressures during a crisis.’
    • ‘Combining decaying and inoperative early warning systems with a ‘launch on warning’ posture for thousands of nuclear weapons is a recipe for nuclear disaster.’
    • ‘For example, the British experience demonstrated the value of long-range aerial early warning systems, while successful Argentine Exocet attacks revealed the dangers of antiship missiles.’
    • ‘So you have to have very good early warning systems, very good satellite reconnaissance.’
    • ‘‘India has strongly pushed for the establishment of such kind of early warning system,’ Wirajuda said.’
    • ‘Later, with the development of intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles, NORAD became the early warning system.’
    • ‘An environment campaigner is supporting plans to use North Yorkshire air bases as early warning systems for the missile defence programme.’
    • ‘It is supposed to equip the US with early warning systems around the world and develop as yet unproven technology to shoot down any missiles aimed at the US.’
    • ‘Despite sophisticated systems and the advantage of early warning systems, the cold war era has left numerous examples of mishaps that could have triggered nuclear conflict.’
    • ‘In contrast to conventional radar systems, the Ukrainian early warning system works passively and cannot be located by the airplanes it has detected.’
    1. 1.1A condition, system, or series of procedures indicating a potential development or impending problem.
      ‘With regard to bioterrorism, she pointed out that current technology could enable the public health system to put early warning systems in place.’
      • ‘Such a system would create an early warning system, he says, that would quickly weed out problem products.’
      • ‘Genetic biomonitoring of populations exposed to potential carcinogens is an early warning system for genetic diseases or cancer.’
      • ‘Military and civilian officers have been working together to develop an early warning system to avoid planes colliding.’
      • ‘It has helped provide a better early warning system to let us know who needs help and advice the most.’
      • ‘As part of the plan, a Weed Information Network was also launched, aimed at improving surveillance, as well as providing an early warning system for new or spreading weeds.’
      • ‘Families in Focus will provide an early warning system for children aged between eight and 13 who may be at risk of getting into trouble with the law.’
      • ‘The report also urged the establishment of a ‘risk reduction center’ to monitor crises and provide an early warning system.’
      • ‘The plan was devised after a message from the Minister of Home Affairs called on governors across the country to set up early warning systems for tsunamis and earthquakes.’
      • ‘The associations's response was to create a Task Force last month to consider setting up early warning systems with bookmakers to track unusual betting patterns.’
      • ‘City officials insist they are doing enough, with measures including the construction of seven new flood barriers and improved forecasting and early warning systems.’
      • ‘Despite a massive clean-up job and constant work to build up river banks and improve early warning systems, many homes remain on flood alert this winter.’
      • ‘He is investigating ‘how different understandings of famine become embedded in famine early warning systems, and how this shapes humanitarian efforts’.’
      • ‘One of the areas of biggest investment is in the treatment and diagnosis of disease: anti HIV creams, bone and tissue replacements, and early warning systems for cancer.’
      • ‘We need support, at both national and regional levels, to strengthen relief agencies and early warning systems.’
      • ‘He said money had been allocated from the 2006 budget for disaster management, including a centre in the country connected to a regional early warning system.’
      • ‘At the moment, in the Indian Ocean area, we don't have an early warning system.’
      • ‘In the same letter he complained that the money spent on churches could have paid for scientific research and an Indian ocean early warning system for tsunamis.’
      • ‘Some of the measures being considered include a high-tech early warning system, and electronic signs to alert motorists a wrong - way driver is approaching.’
      • ‘By December next year, the region is expected to be protected by a hi-tech tsunami early warning system.’