Definition of earmuffs in English:


plural noun

  • A pair of soft fabric coverings, connected by a band across the top of the head, that are worn over the ears to protect them from cold or noise.

    • ‘However, when exposure is unavoidable, use earplugs or earmuffs to protect your ears from most common noise sources.’
    • ‘Gordon said for headgear the team members will probably wear headbands, earmuffs and caps in the place of traditional nassait.’
    • ‘Each of the girls, as well as Ethan, wore their thickest coats and warmest mittens, as well as scarves and hats and earmuffs.’
    • ‘The boys ran through the hallways, wrapped in pea coats and scarves, mittens and earmuffs.’
    • ‘Sarah picked up a pair of black earmuffs and placed them over her ears and slipped on a pair of black leather gloves as Alli started the target machine.’
    • ‘Even with the earmuffs on, the noise was deafening.’
    • ‘A good set of earmuffs can reduce noise as much as plugs can, he says.’
    • ‘She dressed in her winter warmest: black peacoat, warm scarf, mittens, earmuffs, and three layers of socks.’
    • ‘As for the night, you better have a good pair of earmuffs if you want to get a nice sleep down in downtown.’
    • ‘She was wearing a large brown coat that went all the way down to here ankles and a pair of large earmuffs.’
    • ‘With two sweaters, three turtlenecks, earmuffs and a scarf, I had everything I needed for a wonderful European vacation.’
    • ‘Even if they portray the latest style or texture, earmuffs are just completely out of style.’
    • ‘Hearing protection devices, like earplugs, earmuffs and canal caps, are sold in drugstores and hardware stores.’
    • ‘The company offers amber shooting glasses, folding earmuffs, and padded headband earmuffs.’
    • ‘Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented by avoiding excessive noise and using hearing protection such as earplugs and earmuffs.’
    • ‘I took off my earmuffs and protective glasses, tossing them on a nearby chair.’
    • ‘Katelyn stood out in the snow, bundled up in her scarf, coat, sweater, and earmuffs.’
    • ‘A warm, waterproof ski coat or parka is essential, as well as hats, waterproof gloves, socks, pants and earmuffs.’
    • ‘By 1997 the pair had sold more than 600,000 earmuffs on the home-shopping network.’
    • ‘Billy noticed that there was no longer any noise, and took the earmuffs off.’