Definition of earned run average in English:

earned run average


  • A statistic used to measure a pitcher's effectiveness, obtained by calculating the average number of earned runs scored against the pitcher in every nine innings pitched.

    ‘Radke is a proven commodity, but after compiling a 116-110 record with a 4.32 earned run average in nine seasons, he'd hardly be the number one starter on many contending teams.’
    • ‘Whether by batting average, earned run average or wins and losses, baseball's numbers tell us who's hot and who's not.’
    • ‘Pitching categories are wins, saves, earned run average and a complicated ratio measuring strikeouts as opposed to hits, which I can never get straight.’
    • ‘With earned run averages shooting skyward, pitchers will be delighted if plate umpires give them the high strike this season.’
    • ‘He won 21 and lost nine in that sensational 1968 season, while leading the league with an earned run average of 1.60 and in shutouts with nine.’