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plural noun

  • 1Money obtained in return for labor or services.

    ‘he claimed damages for loss of earnings’
    • ‘These are a form of personal pension where links to earnings or length of service are tenuous.’
    • ‘It is in that context that the deduction from loss of earnings arises in relation to saved living expenses.’
    • ‘Mr Winston has claimed he was concerned about the ground before his fall and is unhappy about loss of earnings.’
    • ‘He plans to bring a civil action against them, claiming unfair arrest and loss of earnings.’
    • ‘He claims he was forced to give up his job a few months after the accident and has suffered a loss of earnings.’
    • ‘As well as the considerable loss of earnings, he was unable to do anything for himself.’
    • ‘I'm prepared to suffer the loss of earnings that a prolonged strike will entail.’
    • ‘If it had succeeded it would have eliminated the Claimant's claim for future loss of earnings.’
    • ‘It was in a restaurant and the money was small so I needed to increase my earnings.’
    • ‘Where the main criterion of success is money, your achievement expresses itself as earnings.’
    • ‘But if you survive you will need money for care as well as to replace your earnings.’
    • ‘This relief benefits employees who have high earnings and long periods of service.’
    • ‘Though not a rich man, his current earnings are more than enough to support his family.’
    • ‘He worked hard and sent much of his earnings to Pakistan for his young family.’
    • ‘These seasonal peaks provided a bare living for those who relied on supplementary earnings.’
    • ‘How much you pay towards your fees is dependant on your parents earnings and any assets your family may hold.’
    • ‘He doesn't know what it is to work for a living or to have to budget his earnings or to care for other people.’
    • ‘Women who earn up to average weekly earnings would receive full income replacement.’
    • ‘Patients on a good income will manage, but those on less than average earnings will be hit hard.’
    • ‘Their redundancy payments will be based on their earnings so the decision to strike would impact on these.’
    income, wages, salary, stipend, pay, take-home pay, gross pay, net pay
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    1. 1.1Income derived from an investment or product.
      ‘savers who are attracted by the tax-free earnings’
      • ‘The bulk of Microsoft's earnings derive from royalties on copyrighted software code.’
      • ‘By 1914 interest on foreign loans and investment equalled a quarter of export earnings.’
      • ‘Shares in its leading companies have raced ahead, fuelled by prospects of rising export earnings.’
      • ‘It has since focused its attention on the local market, to make up for the lost export earnings.’
      • ‘Bigge also supported the role of small farmers, but saw that wool could provide export earnings.’
      • ‘A consequence for investors is that earnings are being diluted as more shares are issued.’
      • ‘Therefore we must say that a stock derives its value from its dividends, not its earnings.’
      • ‘The company also reported a fall in net income for Q4 due to tax on repatriated foreign earnings.’
      • ‘That would be good news for exporters, and also for UK companies with high dollar earnings.’
      • ‘This forecast drop in sales will cancel out the boost to earnings that cost savings from the merger has produced.’
      • ‘Both companies are expected to announce strong earnings and dividend growth.’
      • ‘All divisions reported increased sales and either reduced losses or improved earnings.’
      • ‘You will not be taxed on income or earnings you make from money on which you have already paid basic rate income tax.’
      • ‘It is a business which is capable of delivering consistent growth in earnings and shareholder value.’
      • ‘Unilever said it expects low double-digit growth in earnings per share this financial year.’
      • ‘The strong level of deposits on hand provides the group with high visibility of earnings.’
      • ‘The bank is rated at nines times earnings when some years back it was up to 15 times.’
      • ‘Both companies are valued at 13 times earnings and offer a similar dividend yield.’
      • ‘Dividend cover is a measure of how many times a company can afford the dividend out of its current earnings.’
      • ‘Company earnings slumped, scores of companies announced profit warnings and job cuts.’
      income, wages, salary, stipend, pay, take-home pay, gross pay, net pay
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