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  • A piece of jewelry worn on the lobe or edge of the ear.

    ‘Her wedding ring and plain gold earrings are her only jewellery, plus a few red beads and tight bangles on one wrist.’
    • ‘In the painting I am wearing a turquoise sari and some gold and ruby earrings with a necklace and a few bangles.’
    • ‘She was carrying a small black bag and wearing large silver hoop earrings and a rope bracelet.’
    • ‘Alicia returned her attentions to the mirror and slipped her favourite pearl drop earrings into her lobes.’
    • ‘He put the cloak back on me, and as I pulled the hood up, the edge caught my earring, and tugged it away.’
    • ‘She had on silver hoop earrings and a silver necklace, and lastly she put on perfume.’
    • ‘She was approached by men armed with knives, who demanded her earrings and necklace.’
    • ‘One Mexican family was setting up a booth filled with beaded necklaces and earrings.’
    • ‘She curled her hair into soft waves and put on the white gold earrings her father had given her.’
    • ‘She had pierced ears but wore neither studs nor earrings and there was no jewellery.’
    • ‘He had a lip ring and eyebrow ring, and an earring in each ear.’
    • ‘She hung long, pearl earrings in her ears, and fastened a pearl bracelet around her wrist.’
    • ‘She wears a neat suit with some understated earrings and an antique silver bracelet.’
    • ‘He has a row of earrings going up his left lobe and three tiny little eyebrow piercings.’
    • ‘He had silver earrings, three in each lobe and two studs in the top part of his right ear.’
    • ‘Her dark hair was swept back in a clasp and long silver earrings brushed against her neck.’
    • ‘She tried to put the earrings back, but the crowd had pulled her away from the booth.’
    • ‘I took silver angel earrings from my desk and leaned closer to the mirror to put them on.’
    • ‘She had big red and black earrings on and a pink flower hair clip in her hair too.’
    • ‘From her ears now hung two earrings with stylized garnet hearts at the bottom of them.’



/ˈirˌ(r)iNG/ /ˈɪrˌ(r)ɪŋ/