Definition of earth science in English:

earth science


mass noun
  • 1The branch of science dealing with the physical constitution of the earth and its atmosphere.

    ‘undergraduates in earth science’
    • ‘The Programme is broken into categories of earth science, life sciences, and human medicine.’
    • ‘Once home, he re-entered college and in 1973 received a Bachelor of Arts degree in earth science, with a concentration in geology, from California State University in Northridge.’
    • ‘Such an approach, she said, would include support for exploration programs, but not at the expense of earth science, space science, or aeronautics.’
    • ‘They indicated that site and regional water supply and other environmental investigations rely on earth science in the form of maps, reports, 3D models and databases.’
    • ‘Some background in earth science would be helpful in using the book, and I expect it will be very popular with geology students from New England colleges and universities.’
    • ‘These books should be in the hands of every elementary teacher who deals with earth science in class; however, they should not be thought of as comprehensive.’
    • ‘The purpose of the meeting will be to foster discussion of new ideas and develop associations between ideas drawn from different disciplines in earth science.’
    • ‘His election to Fellow in many professional societies was recognition of his contributions to the field of earth science.’
    • ‘Rare earth canons are extensively utilized in the fields of biology, chemistry, and earth science to solve a variety of structural and analytical problems.’
    • ‘The Cody Award, which consists of a gold medal and a $10,000 prize, recognizes outstanding scientific achievement in oceanography, marine biology, and earth science.’
    • ‘Challenger was the first great oceanographic research vessel, and its findings were to set in motion revolutions in earth science and biology for the next hundred years.’
    • ‘To see this dynamic at work, take, for instance, the nineteenth-century earth science of the American naval astronomer and hydrographic innovator Matthew Fontaine Maury.’
    • ‘In 9th grade I hated earth science, in 10th grade Biology was OK and in 11 th grade I liked Chemistry.’
    • ‘Predicting earthquakes is one of the biggest challenges in modern earth science.’
    • ‘The grant money will enable 140 eighth-grade students to study earth science using the Aquarium's living collection and resources.’
    • ‘Those ideas come not only from economics, but from all walks of investigation: epidemiology, operations research, earth science, and so on.’
    • ‘Explore earth science by picking and studying a specific biome: tundra, taiga, forest, grassland, or desert.’
    • ‘He felt there was a need to instruct geology students about Montserrat's volcano, and that the video would also be useful for students of earth science.’
    • ‘Indeed, it is the foundation of all earth science.’
    • ‘Their findings promise to fuel what is already one of the hottest debates in earth science.’
    1. 1.1earth sciencesThe various branches of earth science, e.g. geology or meteorology.
      • ‘Physical sciences, particularly earth sciences such as geology and hydrology, are popular subjects for study and research in Oman's university and in a number of government ministries.’
      • ‘Students in earth sciences and geological engineering study rocks such as those you see in the rock garden.’
      • ‘He reported on an informal Spring 2004 meeting in Montreal that discussed potential earth science projects that could reinvigorate the solid earth sciences in Canada.’
      • ‘Will it link with other disciplines in the earth sciences, particularly the environmental earth sciences, capturing interest broadly throughout the community?’
      • ‘However, self-employed individuals in the earth sciences, physics and astronomy, and political science were the highest-paid doctorates in their field.’
      • ‘A course offered in the department of geological and earth sciences provides an introduction to astrobiology for upper-level undergraduates, as well as for graduate students.’
      • ‘In the early 1960s, the emergence of the theory of plate tectonics started a revolution in the earth sciences.’
      • ‘In 1986 Kampf received an award for distinguished service in the earth sciences from the Scholarship Foundation of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.’
      • ‘Recent declines in funding for the earth sciences, and in student enrolment, mean that we must make public and political awareness a top priority.’
      • ‘Therefore, the theory that sequences are predominantly the result of global sea-level change remains one of the central controversies in the earth sciences.’
      • ‘He described important contributions that the earth sciences makes to society in provision of mineral, energy and water resources, as well as dealing with climate change and hazards.’
      • ‘Canadian earth sciences will prosper as we focus our efforts on the needs of our society, and as we produce what is needed in a format that can be readily used by a broad range of clients.’
      • ‘Proceeds of the show are normally used for donations to education and research in the earth sciences and lapidary arts.’
      • ‘Several experiments in physics, astronomy and the earth sciences will generate petabytes of data in the next few years, and so will some businesses.’
      • ‘This state-of-the-art building will be the central meeting place for leading experts in earth sciences and electrical and computer engineering.’
      • ‘Although the earth sciences are best known for geology, at Waterloo the field includes geophysics, hydrogeology and geochemistry.’
      • ‘‘Redisplaying the collection will inspire visitors and spark interest in the earth sciences and science fields generally,’ says a spokesperson.’
      • ‘He weaved the mysteries of the mammoth, the ice age, and many other puzzles from the earth sciences into a catastrophic adventure featuring Venus and Mars, occurring about 3,500 years ago.’
      • ‘One of the first pieces we did was on the environment, so a study in earth sciences came in very helpful.’
      • ‘Henry was astonished by the invitation, for he had done no chemical research, and had published a mere handful of papers on metallurgy and earth sciences.’


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