Definition of earth tone in English:

earth tone


  • A rich warm color with a brownish hue.

    • ‘There are only six color areas, each in a rich but muted earth tone.’
    • ‘It was similar to Nanaki's room but was a blue color instead of an earth tone.’
    • ‘Depending on his belt and shoe combination, your husband can choose to wear his trousers with just about any earth tone, any shade of gray, black or brown, and even white.’
    • ‘A 100% polyester bed skirt in a solid brown earth tone completes this set to perfection.’
    • ‘They are available mainly in black, navy, beige, khaki, and just about every earth tone available.’
    • ‘To perfect this look, pair a white shirt with a cotton suit in an earth tone.’
    • ‘There will always be designers who fall on either end of the spectrum; however, I see the colors in the showrooms being rich, warm earth tones.’
    • ‘Colors are still rich and vibrant, earth tones warm and golden, and the shadow detail may be a bit better than the first.’
    • ‘Featuring colors drawn from a rich palette of natural earth tones, patterns range from simple to intricate and may be laid using mortar or without it.’
    • ‘Inside, there are no garish colors, only tasteful earth tones.’
    • ‘The face of the late 30s and early 40s - simple makeup in rich, earth tones - creates a sense of stability in what is a hectic time of life, explains Bobbi Brown.’
    • ‘Resting on a mesa, the three story Southwestern Pueblo structure reflects the region's Native American heritage with vibrant colors accented by natural earth tones.’
    • ‘The women's poses, the dramatic lighting effects and the palette of rich reds, earth tones and whites on dark grounds recall Renaissance and Mannerist portraiture.’
    • ‘The Technicolor comes through in glorious shades of burgundy and blue, and the earth tones all looked rich and golden as well, though there are parts of the film where the rich colors fade.’
    • ‘Colors are vibrant and varied, a mixture of bright, strong colors and muted earth tones; and the artwork overall has an intentionally soft, ethereal look.’
    • ‘The change of locale inevitably had an effect on Young's palette, in which richly saturated blues, warm earth tones, and clean whites came to predominate.’
    • ‘Working on canvas mounted to wood or featherboard, he achieved his characteristic luminosity by layering a limited range of light colors with no earth tones.’
    • ‘They had seductive layouts decorated in warm earth tones.’
    • ‘Rich earth tones and red hues saturate the lavalike flow.’
    • ‘The Tuscan style incorporates warm earth tones along with natural materials and architectural accents to create a time worn look.’