Definition of earthshaking in English:


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  • 1(of music or sound) loud and throbbing.

    ‘earthshaking hard-core metal’
    • ‘Bobby Darin had now secured a place in nearly every entertainment niche, but storm clouds were roiling, and two earthshaking thunderclaps would shatter his world in 1968.’
    • ‘She quickly tore one of the great iron doors from the face of the mountain and tossed it over her head to land flat on the road behind her with an earthshaking bang.’
    • ‘My hair shot back and my crimson eyes burned like fire, opening my mouth I let out another earthshaking roar.’
    • ‘Ther was a pause as the lightening flashed outside the window, followed by an earthshaking thunder.’
    • ‘An earthshaking boom resonated throughout the vicinity as the pair of horrors became two winding black snakes.’
    • ‘He is now busy preparing for a mega show soon to be held in the city with an earthshaking 50,000 watts of sound.’
    • ‘He let out an earthshaking howl, shrinking back into his human form.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for earth-shattering
      • ‘this is not of earthshaking importance’



/ˈərTHˌSHākiNG/ /ˈərθˌʃeɪkɪŋ/