Definition of earthshine in English:


(also earthlight)


mass nounAstronomy
  • The glow caused by sunlight reflected by the earth on the darker portion of a crescent moon.

    • ‘Traditional folklore refers to this as the ‘Old Moon in the New Moon's arms ’, a phenomenon created by earthshine - the reflection of light from the Earth back onto the surface of the Moon.’
    • ‘The measurements of albedo from earthlight for the most part sense the reflectivity of low-latitude zones because the Moon is situated roughly in the Earth's equatorial plane.’
    • ‘They also felt that operating under earthshine or lunar noon were feasible, as long as thermal conditions were understood.’
    • ‘His most recent project involves ‘earthshine’ a phenomenon that allows the state of the earth's climate to be monitored by the brightness of sunlight reflected off the earth onto the dark part of the lunar disk.’
    • ‘The new telescope will also allow Goode and his staff to continue their ground-breaking research about earthshine.’