Definition of earthward in English:


(also earthwards)

adverb & adjective

  • Towards the earth.

    as adverb ‘when his parachute failed to open he fell earthward at 120 mph’
    as adjective ‘the bird's earthward plummet’
    • ‘The ball headed earthward toward me and knocked my cap off back over my head with a quick knock to the bill.’
    • ‘But as they plummet earthwards, he sees a crowded school playground just next to the barracks.’
    • ‘Yet as the last colored leaves, varnished with the first rains of winter, fall earthward, the deciduous trees bare their sinewy musculature for all the world to look upon.’
    • ‘It's like an electron avalanche, he says, that can flood up toward the ionosphere or slide earthward, depending on the electric field direction.’
    • ‘The violent storm, with its 70-mile-per-hour winds, tore loose the airship's control cabin, which plummeted earthward like a boulder.’
    • ‘A Zero careened sharply, smoking, and its engine reduced to a mere whine as it plummeted earthward.’
    • ‘What remains of the balloon after burst is dragged earthward by the descending near spacecraft.’
    • ‘Finally the bird plunges earthward with wings and tail closed.’
    • ‘With shrill twittering, the birds tumbled earthward, suddenly landing among the flint-stones.’
    • ‘Pushing the bar out to the left encouraged Matilda to soar right, and vice versa, while pulling the bar back tipped her wing downwards and likewise pointed us earthwards.’
    • ‘Shimoyo hurtled towards the mirror-like surface of the lake in an out-of-control earthward plunge.’
    • ‘Somewhere a child is crying, but the sound is drowned by the ‘whoosh’ of a single raindrop heading earthwards.’
    • ‘Although I adore nose diving earthwards on roller coasters I'm actually afraid of heights.’
    • ‘When the wind suddenly drops, these kites come tumbling earthwards with a fierce velocity.’
    • ‘The next, he's hurtling earthward from a precarious platform 50 meters above the ground.’
    • ‘Sunny wings sprang open and bore him in a steep glide earthward, down past sheer cliffs spangled with bright alpine flowers and stunted scrub.’
    • ‘As shooting stars flew earthwards in the upper right-hand corner of the monitor, I felt music in my ears as the web site came into focus and miraculously appeared.’
    • ‘Papers in the air floated gently earthwards like giant stiff feathers.’
    • ‘A leaf slowly died, floating gently earthward from its perch on the redwood.’
    • ‘Sunlight that isn't absorbed or reflected by clouds as it plunges earthward will heat the surface.’
    descending, downhill, falling, sinking, going down, moving down, sliding, slipping, dipping, earthbound, earthward