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adjectiveadjective earthier, adjective earthiest

  • 1Resembling or suggestive of earth or soil.

    ‘an earthy smell’
    • ‘Open the door and breathe in the mossy, earthy smell of saturated soil.’
    • ‘New pest and weed problems appeared, and the soil became harder and lost its earthy smell.’
    • ‘She moved slowly through the darkness, the earthy smell of damp roots and soil all about her.’
    • ‘With specialist ingredients from rare spices through to exotic vegetables and fresh seafood our menu combines earthy, traditional Indian flavours with cutting edge style.’
    • ‘In another salad, waxy redskin potatoes with a deep, earthy flavour were served warm, along with a poached egg, on a combination of leaves and vegetables sprinkled with sesame seeds.’
    • ‘Experts say the earthy smell is caused by geosmin, a chemical produced by a common bacterium, streptomyces coelicolor, found in most soils.’
    • ‘My favourite so far has been the local mushrooms the like of which I've never tasted - earthy and full of flavour.’
    • ‘The distinctive earthy flavour of the food is now lost, to be perhaps sourced only in a few remote villages.’
    • ‘At the time I thought the wine was far too heavy and had an earthy flavour.’
    • ‘I choose the wild mushroom tagliatelle, full of earthy porcini flavour rather than cream, followed by pan-fried monkfish with capers, rosemary and crispy potatoes.’
    • ‘A earthy, musky smell exuded from the forest that now surrounded him.’
    • ‘It was faint, barely there, but he could sense the misplaced aroma of foreign spices amid the earthy smells of rain and horse.’
    • ‘The rich, earthy smell of the shampoo Kia always used drifted from her golden hair, tickling the inside of his nostril.’
    • ‘In the gust of wind that followed him, she smelled the earthy scent of a sandalwood perfume, mixed with silk and leather.’
    • ‘He smelled good; earthy and real, no perfume or cologne like Joe's and the other men who had once courted her.’
    • ‘Good compost should smell earthy, even sweet, and should be dark and crumbly.’
    • ‘There was a soft, earthy smell, and it was pleasantly warm, with a fire burning low in the hearth.’
    • ‘I could see a few strands of root protruding out of the walls, and the place had an earthy smell to it.’
    • ‘Deep ripe raspberry aromas and peppery spice scents deliver a smooth rounded mouthful of robust earthy raspberry flavours, firm tannins and classic peppery finale.’
    • ‘Take a sniff; if the soil smells rank and sour, instead of earthy, the plants have been over-watered and may have root rot.’
    • ‘All rooms are decorated with natural fibers and earthy colors like adobe and grass green and have wood floors.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, cool and tawny neutrals ground many collections with a natural and earthy element.’
    • ‘Work on the east wing has been completed, restoring the natural, earthy colour of the plaster, and enhancing the red brick.’
    • ‘The trend is for more natural and earthy colors and textures.’
    soil-like, dirtlike
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    1. 1.1(of a person or their language) direct and uninhibited, especially about sexual subjects or bodily functions.
      ‘their good-natured vulgarity and earthy humor’
      • ‘she's very earthy and voluptuous’
      • ‘He's so earthy that linemen court his company.’
      • ‘She was so different from so many women that Scott knew around his circle of friends in that she was more earthy.’
      • ‘Hidden underneath your cool exterior is an earthy and very sensual person who enjoys feeling feminine.’
      • ‘She had been very much a caring, earthy person who would enfold sorrow in her arms and dissolve it away.’
      • ‘I suspect that Clinton always had this problem when dealing with the elites whom he was more than smart enough to hob-nob with - he was too earthy, too sexual, too down and dirty.’
      • ‘You are earthy, practical and grounded in work situations also emotional and spiritual in personal matters.’
      • ‘As far as Wright's students were concerned and the medical faculty he was as earthy, witty and happy to share in an inebriated night as ever he'd been, probably more so.’
      • ‘She is earthy, a free spirit, who doesn't get too worked up by her appearance, she has nothing to hide (Cleo confesses that she would not be able to model).’
      • ‘Noah loved surfing more than soccer, volleyball and baseball combined; he was a naturally earthy, wholesome person.’
      bawdy, ribald, off colour, racy, rude, vulgar, lewd, crude, foul, coarse, uncouth, rough, dirty, filthy, smutty, unseemly, indelicate, indecent, indecorous, obscene
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