Definition of earwax in English:



mass noun
  • The protective yellow waxy substance secreted in the passage of the outer ear.

    • ‘The GP will first check to see if the ears are being blocked by an object or substance such as earwax.’
    • ‘Earaches could also be due to tooth problems, an ear canal injury (from a cotton swab), earwax, or something stuck in the ear.’
    • ‘They studied more than 100 patients who attended general practices in an English city to have earwax removed.’
    • ‘Other conditions can also result in earaches, such as teething, a foreign object in the ear, or hard earwax.’
    • ‘You might also damage skin and allow infection to enter if you put objects such as cotton buds or pencils in your ear to try to get rid of earwax.’
    • ‘You should never put any object into your ears to try to clear earwax.’
    • ‘Other types of deafness are temporary, such as problems caused by a build up of earwax or glue ear.’
    • ‘Changes in the inner ear or in the nerves attached to it, earwax buildup and various diseases can all impact your hearing.’
    • ‘My greatest relief came from using ear candles to remove excess earwax and a neti pot, a teapot-like Ayurvedic tool, to flush warm saltwater through my nasal passages.’
    • ‘For the next two weeks I am only able to hear the loudest of sounds through the cemented mixture of earwax and sand compacted in my ear canals.’
    • ‘As a practice nurse on the south coast, I have seen a record number of patients recently presenting with deafness caused by impacted earwax.’
    • ‘Originally used for spiritual cleansing, the candles were found to have other benefits, including clearing earwax.’
    • ‘A hollow candle is stuck into the ear and lit, allegedly sucking out earwax and negative energy.’
    • ‘I was astonished to hear on the radio that a laxative can be used to remove earwax.’
    • ‘They have to be shoved right into the ear, and once earwax gets on the little internal filters, they are gone.’