Definition of ease someone's mind in English:

ease someone's mind


  • Alleviate someone's anxiety.

    ‘concentrating on the stitching helped to ease her mind’
    • ‘I went to a church service in the village last night and that eased my mind.’
    • ‘This will help your weight loss by easing your mind and tricking your body's metabolism and avoid plateauing.’
    • ‘‘Well someone had to be on this island to plant the treasure,’ Dara explained, easing his mind.’
    • ‘It was a pleasure meeting you, sir: I hope I have eased your mind about Lord Robert.’
    • ‘I hope that some of these wedding vow samples have eased your mind somewhat and maybe even given you a few ideas to use for your own vows.’
    • ‘I'm glad you shared this with me, and it has eased my mind to a degree.’
    • ‘Glancing around the dinner, I noticed that it was fairly empty, which somehow eased my mind.’
    • ‘Thank you so much for writing, you have eased my mind considerably on the topic of my brother.’
    • ‘The rattling noise began to disappear, and that eased his mind greatly, knowing that he was only a little way away from turning into the next street he needed.’
    • ‘Listening to a toad croak, concentrating on it, eased his mind.’
    calm, quieten, pacify, soothe, comfort, bring comfort to, give solace to, solace, console