Definition of east-facing in English:



  • Facing the east.

    ‘place plants in an east-facing window’
    ‘east-facing beaches’
    • ‘The next morning, she was awoken by streams of sunlight, which ran through her east-facing windows.’
    • ‘The house has an east-facing living room terrace.’
    • ‘Weather conditions were perfect with clear skies and local people crowded east-facing pavements and balconies to watch the eclipse.’
    • ‘Two 'Success Coral' poinsettia plants flank a single 'Premium Picasso' poinsettia in a bright, east-facing window.’
    • ‘Inside the house are a sitting room, study, and a kitchen with a high east-facing window to catch the morning sun.’
    • ‘The east-facing railing at my home is topped by a 2-inch-by-6-inch piece of redwood, which has always been painted with a dark brown latex paint.’
    • ‘There are three bedrooms on the ground floor, two of which have French doors, while the property has south-facing and east-facing patio areas.’
    • ‘If possible, choose an east-facing slope so the morning sun will thaw you out as you fix breakfast.’
    • ‘Look for a sunny, east-facing location so the bees will receive early light and warmth to stimulate foraging.’
    • ‘The east-facing outdoor space has become a favorite place for Art and his wife to enjoy a sunny breakfast or escape the heat in the late afternoon.’