Definition of East Indiaman in English:

East Indiaman


  • A trading ship belonging to the East India Company.

    • ‘She is the second replica of an East Indiaman after the Dutch Batavia, though from a later period.’
    • ‘Together they had sailed the oceans of the world, wherever work was needed, either in the French Navy, on merchant vessels, or aboard East Indiamen, they were all the same to them.’
    • ‘The facts are sketchy, but this much is known: at some point in the late 1730s, an East Indiaman crashed on the reefs of the Wild Coast's Lambasi Bay.’
    • ‘There are more wrecks, such as the Valentine, a Dutch East Indiaman sunk in 1779 off La Neste, Brecqhou island, where its cargo of semi-precious stones can still be found by observant divers.’
    • ‘It was then British policy to transport convicts in officially naval vessels, although the Calcutta was a big converted East Indiaman with 500 people aboard.’