Definition of Easter bilby in English:

Easter bilby


  • An imaginary creature that is said to bring gifts to children at Easter.

    ‘the Easter bilby scatters enough eggs so no one goes home empty-handed’
    • ‘Haigh's celebrates the 20th anniversary of their Easter bilby this year.’
    • ‘Part of the proceeds from the sale of Easter bilbies go to the RFA's work to protect the environment from wild rabbits.’
    • ‘The video shows two-year-old Sultan nibbling and gnawing on Easter bilby chocolates and he soon gets quite frustrated with the wrapping.’
    • ‘The Easter bilby, not to be confused with the Easter bunny, scatters enough eggs so no one goes home empty-handed.’
    • ‘Easter eggs and Easter bunnies - and the more acceptable Easter bilby in Australia - are symbols of fertility and new life.’
    • ‘It's an Outback Easter at the Workshops Rail Museum on the first Sunday of the holidays when The Easter Bilby and his wildlife friends come to visit.’
    • ‘I knew this American site was great when I saw a special feature on the Easter Bilby.’
    • ‘Even the Easter Bilby paid a visit.’
    • ‘You can buy chocolate Easter Bilbies and toy Easter Bilbies.’
    • ‘Australian chocolate manufacturers could not keep up with the demand for gift-wrapped chocolate Easter Bilbies.’


1990s from bilby on the pattern of Easter bunny.