Definition of eastern stater in English:

eastern stater


  • A person from an eastern state of Australia.

    ‘the city grew thanks to eastern staters who migrated for work around the burgeoning mines’
    • ‘I dunno about you racy eastern staters, but here the selection can be a little, well … samey.’
    • ‘As much as I like discussing with eastern staters the secessionist referundum of the 1930's, the heart of the matter is that we are all Australians.’
    • ‘The WACA members welcomed him as one of their own, and there is no greater accolade for an eastern stater.’
    • ‘The most isolated capital city on the globe (Jakarta is closer than Adelaide) has grown and matured, mainly thanks to the "eastern staters" who have migrated for work around the burgeoning mines.’
    • ‘Balmy evenings on the sand are a must for eastern staters.’
    • ‘They felt the captain favoured the eastern staters in the team.’
    • ‘There's a long history of referring to South Australia as Utopia, something that would make contemporary eastern-staters snort with disbelief.’
    • ‘I can't help but laugh every time I hear a West Aussie talk about the evil Eastern Staters siphoning of the wealth of the west.’
    • ‘Federal Parliament was, of course, dominated by the financiers of Melbourne and other eastern staters.’
    • ‘We became known as the Western Australians and were considered to be different to the eastern staters.’


eastern stater

/ˌiːstən ˈsteɪtə/