Definition of easting in English:



  • 1Distance traveled or measured eastward, especially at sea.

    • ‘with the help of the following breeze, she ran 650 miles of her easting down’
    1. 1.1A figure or line representing eastward distance on a map (expressed by convention as the first part of a grid reference, before northing)
      ‘the Japanese sent a message that accidentally left out an easting and a northing in the plain text’
      • ‘These four regions divide the CBC plots into approximately equal samples around easting 45 and northing 21 of the U.K. national grid.’
      • ‘We've come to the exact co-ordinates given on the Internet, as a southing and an easting to the metre, to a spot out on a wall looking over Botany Bay with the clues that the cache is somewhere in this rock pile.’



/ˈēstiNG/ /ˈistɪŋ/