Definition of easy-breezy in English:



  • 1US Easy; simple.

    ‘easy-breezy recipes for salads and homemade salad dressings’
    • ‘However, I also plan to make this top because it looks easy-breezy but has a few new concepts to pick up on.’
    • ‘It sounded easy-breezy (but that's hardly unusual for Nigella's recipes) so I set my heart on it.’
    • ‘Note that the basic recipe is easy-breezy and can be adapted to welcome any other ingredient/topping that you would like in/on your muffins.’
    • ‘Serve up crostini with marinated capsicum and buffalo mozzarella; use stuff from your pantry to create easy-breezy weekday dinners.’
    • ‘Taking off the mascara was easy-breezy - no eyelashes were lost in the process which is a bonus!’
    • ‘My flight was easy-breezy, no complaints at all.’
    • ‘Parking for our event was $11 and in-and-out was easy-breezy.’
    • ‘The keyword phrase is in the exact match domain name, and this seems like an easy- breezy technique.’
    • ‘It's not easy to get an appointment here but once you're in everything is easy-breezy and the veterinarians were fantastic.’
    • ‘Mary was so wonderful - her many years of experience made this such an easy-breezy process.’
    uncomplicated, not difficult, undemanding, unexacting, unchallenging, effortless, painless, trouble-free, facile, simple, straightforward, elementary, idiot-proof, plain sailing
    1. 1.1Light-hearted and relaxed.
      ‘an easy-breezy, feel-good summer film’
      ‘occasionally I wake up with that indefinable feeling of happiness and contentment, feeling easy-breezy’
      • ‘Whether she's off out shopping, attending meetings or hitting the red carpet, she has easy-breezy style perfected.’
      • ‘Not only is Olivia a hot Hollywood A-lister, she also has the easy-breezy personality to match.’
      • ‘My son has become a challenging pre-teen and my easy-breezy daughter is quite the dramatic 7-year-old.’
      • ‘But Johnson is not quite the easy-breezy surfer dude caricature that you might imagine him to be.’
      • ‘You're an easy-breezy California girl at heart, who loves having fun, but you still know what you want.’
      • ‘Venetian mirrors, hand-loomed rugs and hammocks add to the easy-breezy vibe at this secluded jungle retreat.’
      • ‘His new album is an easy-breezy effort of laid-back rock with occasional moves of something similar to jazz.’
      • ‘According to Brown, a boho-style sunhat still achieves that easy-breezy festival attitude while looking a little more grown-up.’
      • ‘The style is easy-breezy, the voice nonchalantly smartypants; the jokes as honed as stand-up zingers.’
      • ‘It's this summer's easy-breezy punk disc to crank on the drive home and the band's catchiest release since their debut.’
      • ‘Though she may look it with her blonde hair, peachy makeup, and light tan, Charlize isn't the kind of easy-breezy girl you might associate with summer.’
      jaunty, cheerful, cheery, brisk, airy, carefree, free and easy, easy, easy-going, casual, relaxed, informal, light-hearted, lively, spirited, buoyant, sparkling, animated, vivacious, frisky, sprightly, sunny, full of the joys of spring