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easy listening

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  • Popular music that is tuneful and undemanding.

    as modifier ‘easy-listening tunes’
    • ‘Within the last ten years or so, piped-in music has changed from consisting mainly of easy-listening covers of Beatles tunes to consisting mainly of obscure and bad pop music.’
    • ‘Obviously, it tries to emulate cheesy easy-listening music of the 70s.’
    • ‘Armed with an acoustic guitar, she flirts, funks and folks her way through 10 easy-listening pop ditties.’
    • ‘People who like easy-listening music are already covered by Lite FM.’
    • ‘The next time I got in her car, my friend irritably popped in a Van Halen CD and said, ‘I brought this for you since you can't stand my easy-listening music.’’
    • ‘We hang on the phone tolerating easy-listening music for many eternities, only to talk to script-bound customer service people.’
    • ‘On other nights there is easy-listening music.’
    • ‘The older generation, as well as the authorities, discouraged easy-listening music.’
    • ‘His easy-listening albums sold more than 70 million copies.’
    • ‘There is no grit, dirt, grime or funk worth mentioning, and the rawness I was expecting has been replaced with easy-listening soul ballads.’
    • ‘One of the local easy-listening stations started playing Christmas music 24/7 the day after Thanksgiving and will continue to do so until the holiest of holidays.’
    • ‘But for the music I play, which is easy-listening country and folk, a beautiful old Takamine is the only thing to use onstage.’
    • ‘It will probably never be a best seller, but if you like a bit of country that's not too country, combined with a smooth easy-listening vocalist, this may be the next album for you.’
    • ‘I was driving a rental car, and I'd turned on the local easy-listening station, since that's the sort of thing you're supposed to listen to in rental cars.’
    • ‘The album is an easy-listening blend of folk, rock, and pop that pleases both the ear and the soul.’
    • ‘The music will appeal to all ages - easy listening music in the style of Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin, but is by no means a tribute to these performers.’
    • ‘With its orchestral arrangements, dragging tempos and saccharine delivery, it seems less like pop music than easy listening.’
    • ‘Not trippy enough for trip hop, and not good enough for its own category, Dragizas seems to want to create some sort of easy listening album.’
    • ‘It's almost too good to be true and cynics may dismiss this fine album as mere easy listening but that would be wrong.’
    • ‘It is a spangly piece of tuneful easy listening, a record unashamed of a simple chorus and a driving rhythm.’
    melodious, melodic, musical, mellifluous, sweet-sounding, pleasant-sounding, dulcet, euphonious, harmonious, lyrical, lilting


easy listening

/ˈēzē ˈlisniNG/ /ˈizi ˈlɪsnɪŋ/